UX & Service Design Lead
Roos Durieux
Meet Roos, a Service Design expert with a passion for understanding and addressing the needs of both users and employees. With a solid background in research and industrial design, Roos employs a creative and engaging design approach, involving users in every step of the design process. She firmly believes that the key to finding the right solution lies in finding and defining the right problem.

Roos holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Industrial Design Engineering, and various UX Mastery, CX Leadership, and Scrum certificates.

When not working, you can most likely find Roos outside, often exploring the Swiss countryside while running, hiking, biking, swimming, or skating. She also enjoys immersing herself in books, diving into subjects like the impact of cultures on collaboration, how to improve design research and aim for continuous improvement, or the circular economy and how to design for sustainability.