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Our Expertise
Research & Strategy
Through research and strategy, we gain insight that informs our design creativity and uncovers opportunities for innovation. Today, we utilize more than 12 different types of best-practice design research methods and strategic tools for an in-depth understanding of our client's needs.
Physical Product Design
We blend informed insight, empathy for users and inspired creativity to make market-winning products. Our passion and curiosity for innovation empowers us to create meaningful form and intuitive user experiences that create brand loyalty.
Digital Product Design
We design and implement intuitive, branded user experience across all digital channels, including websites. mobile apps and kiosks. Our process and development tools encompass an eight step approach. The foundation of our digital design process begins -and ends- with the user.
Our robust capabilities include: Project mgmt., conceptual engineering, 3D computer aided design, design for manufacturing, proof of concept prototypes, engineering development prototypes, fully functional protoypes, mechanical design, FEA stress/structural analysis, mold flow analysis, engineering testing, electromechanical design, medical design, 3D animations and mold design.
Our in-house model shop allows us to efficiently sculpt and construct mock-ups for ergonomic analysis, volume studies or explore conceptual mechanical configurations. We have the ability to machine prototypes in a variety of materials including common plastics and metals necessary for structural analysis and even regulatory testing.
Our manufacturing expertise and capabilities are a necessity for smaller clients and a major convenience for larger clients. For more than 10 years, SmartShape has been manufacturing tooling and parts for clients like GE, Bosch, ABB, Honeywell, Steris and Invacare.
Our Process
Business context graphic, icon
Business Context
Identify opportunities to drive business growth.
Discover graphic, icon
Gain empathy and a better understanding of the user needs and behaviors.
Define graphic, icon
Synthesize insights, define user needs and realign business goals.
Ideate graphic, icon
Translate insights and explore possibilities iteratively with a multi-disciplinary team.
Develop graphic, icon
Systematically redefine and develop product solutions via rapid prototyping and testing.
Produce graphic, icon
Seamless, cost-effective manufacturing for market-ready products.
Launch graphic, icon
Strategic integrations between market strategy, development, and distribution.
Engage and build graphic, icon
Engage & Build
Be intentional: plan events, host contests, engage influencers to celebrate the fruits of your hard work.
Concept to market expertise for your business