The only wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring intelligent thermometer

TempTraq™ hands free temperature monitoring

Breakthrough Innovation

TempTraq™ is the only wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring intelligent thermometer. A USA TODAY CES Editors' Choice winner, TempTraq™ is powered by Blue Spark Technologies' innovative thin, flexible battery technology, built to last for 24 hours of continuous temperature monitoring and reporting. From branding to product, packaging and interface design, SmartShape is proud to have assisted in development of this truly innovative product.

Press & Awards

TempTraq™ was not only named a best in show, but also received features on the TODAY show, Good Morning America, and from The Wall Street Journal. Our design team is proud of our collaboration with our client, Blue Spark Technologies to develop this product from an idea to successful launch.


Our collaborative ideation session with Blue Spark Technology provided the framework for the forthcoming product and brand development. Creative problem solving, new product concepts and patentable IP invention are a few of the areas we have tackled. Our sessions consistently lead to market-shifting thinking that our clients require for continued growth and success. To keep the process fresh, we employ a number of different brainstorm techniques, which we also customize to accommodate your needs.

Marketing Persona

We studied several relevant marketplaces, focusing on product offerings and emerging trends found in consumer feedback. Understanding the user demographics allowed us to formulate personas from this information. Our persona development provided the roadmap for crafting the TempTraq brand and user experience.

Brand Strategy

Carefully articulating the brand message was important for initial consumer perception. TempTraq™ would be a revolutionary product that would require clear messaging for consumers to understand and desire. To achieve and maintain market longevity and equity would require the right product architecture, creating a platform for continued growth and market share acquisition.

UX Development

TempTraq™ would soon provide parents and caregivers instant temperature information for their dependents via Bluetooth from the patch to the app. Several key features for integration into the app included temperature alerts, temperature history, and note taking ability.

User Flow

The foundation for this development process began by understanding the user. Understanding user behaviors leads to actionable insights that guide the development of user work flows. Our user flows outline the steps needed to complete user defined tasks. This work allows us to look for efficiencies and test our concepts early in the development cycle.

App Architecture

Information architecture is essential for establishing connections and the findability of information within the environments of a structural design. TempTraq's app architecture balanced established navigation habits with innovative information presentation. Established information patterns would eased initial use and acceptance but also allowed for future expansion of the app.


Wireframes formed the blueprint for TempTraq™'s visual design to follow. The information hierarchy was key to understanding not only the navigation but also absorption of the data being presented in the app. With button, imagery, and typography locations defined within the wireframes, low-fidelity prototyping and user testing could begin. As in our product development process, we believe in prototyping early and often to validate design concepts and thinking. Wireframes are essential in this process.

Low-Fidelity Prototyping & User Testing

We constructed low-fidelity paper prototypes to quickly gain user feedback to test usability of the TempTraq™ app concept. Usability testing is key in evaluating your product prior to production and launch. Testing involved crafting scenarios where user perceptions could be gathered and performance indicators can be tabulated.

Visual Design

Our design team are experts at developing aesthetically pleasing visual designs. TempTraq™'s visual design focused on clean presentation with at-a-glance understanding of the temperatures being reported. User feedback from initial testing was incorporated into the visual design with additional prototyping and testing to follow.

High-Fidelity Prototyping & User Testing

Our higher fidelity prototypes combine interactive functionality with beautiful visual design elements to test the user experience. We utilize a number of tools to produce high fidelity prototypes, including, but not limited to, Adobe Flash and Axure.

Intuitive Brand Iconography

A set of branded iconography was also created for the TempTraq™ app and support materials. Whether your product requires the use of international standards or a completely new system, we craft iconography in harmony with your product offering and brand. Expertly crafted icon systems add intrinsic value to your product both from an aesthetic standpoint and a functional perspective.

Instructional Video

Need help? We've got that covered too. For first time users of TempTraq™, an instructional video provided quick start guidance complete with how-to placement of the temperature patch and syncing with your smart device. Click the play button to learn more!

Visual Brand Language

Our clients value our ability to develop a harmonious visual brand appearance. From intuitive apps, through product and packaging design, our highly creative design team has the vision to craft a distinct brand appearance. Our work for TempTraq™ included the user friendly app, product and packaging design, and instructional leaflet and video.

Creative Concept Exploration

Innovative concept exploration is at the core of our skillset, illustrating compelling solutions and new ideas for product lines and future concepts. This divergent conceptual thinking breaks through existing paradigms, to allow new avenues to be explored and product concepts to take hold. TempTraq™ packaging concepts explored several design possibilities with multiple functional benefits.

Prototype Packaging

Initial breadboard mockups, volume studies, conceptual mechanisms, or high fidelity looks-like models, we have the prototyping know-how to meet your development needs. Our TempTraq™ packaging prototypes were used in market research and design validation.

Production Artwork

Production ready packaging artwork files wrapped up our development on TempTraq™. Beautiful artwork with clear product feature explanations make this one package that stands out on shelf!