fur erase

Award Winning

Fur erase’s design provides consumers with the added value of removing stubborn pet hair combined with  standard lint tape refills. An instant commercial success, fur erase continues to resonate with consumers and has received design recognition as a IDSA IDEA Bronze award winner. 

Hands-On Research

Through consumer workshops, we noticed rubber brush agitators worked exceedingly well in freeing pet hair from upholstery. Their deficiency lay in collecting all of the freed hair once it was brought to the surface.  An opportunity presented itself to combine a rubber agitator with lint tape.

Concept Development

Backed with the market research and workshop discoveries, sketch concepts for the new dual-utility lint roller/pet hair agitator began to take shape. Structural rigidity of the rubber agitator was considered in addition to the easy removal and replacement of exhausted lint tape cartridges. 

Prototype & Validate

Human factors were carefully evaluated in the development of the fur erase product line. The inherent nature of a rolling tube allows it to be used for both small and large surface types. Proper alignment and sizing for the handle were important for ease of use for consumers in different scenarios.

Pattern Refinement

Through iterative prototypes and refined patterns, optimal patterns were determined.

Design Control Data

A simple two-part construction was utilized and prototyped. Polypropylene was the material of choice, enabling a living hinge to be utilized for the tab securing the lint tape roll. This tab allows for single finger, quick release use. Over-molded TPE for the agitators completed the design.

Market Success

Upon entering the market, fur erase won added shelf placement within traditional brick and mortar stores. The success of fur erase gained market share back from competitors who had previously eroded Evercare's dominance in the market.