Mr. Beams LED Lighting

Mini LED Spotlight

The Mr Beams® Mini LED Spotlight packs a punch of bright light in a compact, weatherproof design. 

Spread light to hard-to-see, tight corners and provide a unique outdoor lighting solution that can withstand any weather condition. 

Slim Task Light

Mr Beams® versatile LED battery-powered Slim Lights illuminate pantries, cabinets, shelves and cupboards to help you find what you need fast. 

Ultra Bright LED Lantern

The Mr. Beams® UltraBright LED Lantern brings bright light to your camp site. On/Off switch gives you control over the setting, and a built-in USB charging port helps you charge your smartphone, MP3 player and other portal electronic devices that keep you connected.

UltraBright Path Lights

Mr Beams® UltraBright Outdoor LED Path Lights help you discover paths, driveways, porches and more. Easy to install, your guests won't miss a step!