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SmartShape Design Celebrates 30 Years

Cleveland based Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering firm SmartShape Design, an industry-leading product innovation consultancy, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

The SmartShape story commences in 1989 when then-student and beginning stage Industrial Designer Mike Maczuzak decided to embark on the new experience of entrepreneurship.  Having gained real world experience working for a prominent Detroit based firm, Maczuzak took a leap of faith and founded SmartShape closer to home and family in Cleveland.

Under the leadership of Maczuzak and with the support of a few trusted peers, SmartShape immediately became a haven where passion for innovation and creating beautiful, intuitive and user-friendly products led to consistently delivering client-favored, marketing disrupting solutions and patentable intellectual property.

Over the years, the firm’s reputation for innovative design continued as did its scope of expertise.  Adding business and development strategists, research specialists, UX/UI specialists, program managers, advanced degree credentialed engineers, experts in both tooling and manufacturing, operational experts and marketing & client success managers has increased the breadth and scope of the capabilities of our services and expertise, as well as positioning us as thought leaders within our industry.

According to Maczuzak, “The addition of these key team members and their individual experience has allowed us to quickly pivot and offer so much more than just core design services.  We have the ability to offer end-to-end expertise to deliver market ready products and solutions for clients of all sizes from private equity portfolio brands, start-ups, Fortune 100 Internationals and every size company in-between.”  In addition, all SmartShape products and solutions are created to disrupt the market and designed for manufacturability.

At SmartShape, design starts here.  Our proven process sets us apart.