Kristin Brindza — Industrial Design Intern

Industrial Design Intern

Growing up, Kristin was exposed to both art and design through her family members at a very early age.  She first discovered Industrial Design while visiting The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Soon after that initial visit, she made the decision to pursue her passions, making CIA her choice university for the next four years.  

Design fascinates Kristin because it uses a mixture of concrete thinking and fine art skills to develop ideas that solve real-world problems, no matter how big or small.  She is most passionate about toy and game design, but loves being in an environment where she can work on projects within varying fields.  Doing so allows her to continue to diversify her skill set and take in as much new knowledge as possible.  Kristin strives to go above and beyond what is expected and loves to be challenged.  

Outside the studio, Kristin can be found researching the latest fashion trends, polishing her archery skills and enjoying the company of her friends.