Understanding our clients' business challenges and capabilities helps us identify opportunities and create realizable roadmaps for success.

Some of the strategic tools we utilize at SmartShape include:

Market Segmentation

Where do you fit in? Gaps in the market are opportunities for growth with the right strategy. With and understanding of your market and the competitive set, we recognize market gaps and devise plans to break new ground for growth.

Trend Analysis

Do you know about the newest technologies, the hottest colors, textures or social trends? We carefully watch where design and technology are moving to understand how they may impact your brand or product line.

Product & Brand Positioning

Longevity and equity are built upon the right product architecture, creating a platform for continued growth and market share acquisition. We develop strategies that do just that, fabricate the right platform for substainable growth.

Product Definition

We help our clients pick the right features the first time. Utilizing insights from research combined with our experiences in outside markets, we artfully balance needs versus wants to get the product architecture right.

Visual Brand Language

Bold, precise & rugged? What is your brand's perception? We craft strategies for communicating your brand's perception, building equity with consumers through clear and consistent visual messaging to stand out in the market.

Competitive Benchmarking

Our competitive benchmarking service can include a complete physical analysis of your competitors' product offerings. Product features, materials used, packaging, ease of assembly, intuitiveness and physical construction are a few of the areas we analyze for our clients.

User Persona Development

We develop user personas based on your user demographics and consumer analysis.. What are your users looking at? What are they shopping for? Our persona development provides the roadmap.