Research helps us gain the insights that inform our design creativity and uncover opportunitites for innovation.

At SmartShape we tailor our research efforts by utilizing a range of best-practice design research methods, including:

Focus Group Research

In-house focus group facilities enable our team to question users' opinions and attitudes concerning your brand, product or service. Understanding user perceptions is a key in formulating strategies for business success.

Ethnographic Research

We study users in their natural environment to better understand the relationship and the influence each has on one another. Understanding behaviors in context to the environment provides true insights which will drive innovation and success.

Field Observation

Surgical operating rooms, rooftop HVAC installations or even your home kitchen are a few environments we have recently studied. We observe users their behaviors and tools within their native environment. Understanding the relationships between users, their environment and tools is imperative for developing empathetic solutions for consumer.

User Interviews

User interviews help us understand end users’ needs, wants and frustrations and identify opportunities for products and features that satisfy them. Through years of experience, we have developed an expertise for asking the right questions that lead to the insights needed for true innovation.

Competitive Landscape

What is your competition's strengths? Do they have a weakness? We dive deep into into a market, defining your competitors' positioning with an eye for innovative advantages to make your business grow.

Retail & Online Shopping Research

Presentation is key. On-shelf presence and or on-line presentation can make or break customer perceptions. We help businesses identify what motivates buyers and other key factors for success in the retail environment.

Trend Research

Where is technology headed? Patterns, materials and color? We keep tabs on many emerging trends while discovering more to inform strategies and decision making. We help you stay ahead of the curve, and your competition.

Human Factors Research

User satisfaction and performance are key contributors to building loyalty and brand perception. We study the user's experience, identifying key performance factors and quantifying satisfaction.

Consumer Research Workshops

Our consumer research workshops bring consumers and researchers together in a focused environment. A control plan is designed for our clients to uncover user behaviors and perceptions through observations, interviews and simulated consumer experiences.