Our end-to-end capabilities include extensive manufacturing expertise many clients enjoy for a seamless development experience.

Our manufacturing expertise and capabilities are a necessity for smaller clients and a major convenience for larger clients. For over 10 years, SmartShape has been manufacturing tooling and parts for clients like GE, Bosch, ABB, Honeywell, Steris and Invacare. Our services include:

Design & Manufacturing Advantage

SmartShape’s team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers develop production-ready products from concept to completion. Working as a cohesive team, SmartShape engineers are in collaboration with our manufacturing partner, SmartMerit, to ensure products are optimized for manufacturing and increased in speed to market.

Tooling Design

The SmartShape manufacturing team has experience in multiple manufacturing tool design disciplines. The mechanical and tooling engineering team can evaluate and design tooling for production stamping, forming, extrusion, and casting.

Injection Mold Tooling

Injection mold tooling design is another area of our expertise.Our engineers at SmartShape’s partner firm, SmartMerit, specialize in molding and injection mold tooling. SmartShape works closely with SmartMerit to create production-ready tooling that is high quality and cost-effective.This allows for a seamless experience in obtaining a market-ready product.

Plastic Injection Molding

SmartShape with its manufacturing partner, SmartMerit, designs and manufactures hundreds of parts and configurations each year. Two facilities can accommodate part molding from 50 ton presses up to 1500 ton injection molds. SmartMerit can accommodate our customers with prototype quantities upwards of hundreds of thousands of parts per year.

Die Casting

SmartShape has affordable and efficient die casting sources through our Asian partnership with SmartMerit. Die cast parts are cast, finished, polished, powder-coated, and then supplied directly to our customers. Our high quality die cast tooling is complemented by our knowledge and ability to correctly design die cast parts.

Metal Machining & Fabrication

SmartShape through its network of domestic and Asian partnerships can source and create conventional metal machined and CNC parts. Cutting, bending, and assembling of metal structures can be achieved as well. SmartShape resources can be used to source prototype and production parts in a multitude of materials.

Other Manufacturing Processes

We also provide a wide range of manufacturing services in addition to the aforementioned. Some of these include extrusions, vacuum-forming, blow-molding, rotational molding, laminating, forging, and welding. We strive to use our manufacturing and design knowledge to deliver high quality products.

Production Parts Supplier

Let SmartShape be your one-stop shop for production parts. We offer manufacturing and production part services for molding, casting, stamping, metal fabrication, and machining. Our network of domestic and Asian parts suppliers can design, build, fabricate and manufacture to meet your needs.