2018 Product Trend: Virtual and Augmented Reality Used for More Than Entertainment and Gaming

Posted by Sara, on January 11, 2018

As other industries find value in virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) technology, there will be greater adoption from users looking for more than entertainment. 

What We See Happening Now

Moving past entertainment and gaming, we will likely see more industries start to adapt the technology in a variety of new ways. We are only at the very beginning of exploring the value VR can provide to us! 

It’s already given medical professionals the opportunity to practice complex surgeries, given police officers the ability to train for difficult situations in a new way, provided factory workers with next-level safety training, and given soldiers with PTSD a new exposure therapy option. 

Far from a passing fad, virtual reality (VR) technology is expected to generate $2.2 billion in 2018

2017 also saw an increased focus on augmented reality (AR) technology, with Apple’s launch of ARKit and Google’s launch of ARCore, kits that allow software developers to start bringing AR app ideas to life. This year, we expect to see more AR products emerging as developers begin experimenting with what’s possible.


In the design world, VR and AR could someday soon help us draw and sculpt prototypes in 3D, share products in real-time, and provide us with a new method of user research, immersing our target audience in a product’s ideal environment. Only time will tell how close we can get mimicking physical experiences in the digital world.

Tips to Tap Into the Trend

  • Keep an eye on the progress of VR, including its potential impact on design process and the industries you serve.
  • In a time where consumers like the idea of a trial period, consider the opportunities posed by AR to bring virtual trial options to life in their own home.
  • Consider how VR technology could improve your interaction with your customer-base. Is there an offering you could provide to further connect with your audience and remind them of the core focus of your business through gamification, product education, or product enhancement?

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