2018 Product Trend: Invisible Experiences Transform Tech

Posted by Pete, on January 11, 2018

With smart products adapting to our specific and immediate needs, we no longer have to physically interact with products. Instead, these experiences, when properly designed, will become invisible to the user. 

The Transformation We See

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, paired with emerging internet of things

(IoT) technology, create opportunity for an entirely different type of product: those built
to provide invisible experiences. 

Instead of passive objects waiting for your command, these objects will learn your habits and behaviors, and act as you’d want them to automatically, without cue. Think laundry detergent bottles that know when they are running low and reorder themselves, or lights that know the lighting preferences of each person in your household and react accordingly. 

Machine learning, voice and gesture-driven computing, and autonomous driving are all “invisible UI” methods currently in development to elevate the user experience of products we already know and love — forcing product developers to shape product for more seamless integrations into our days and lives.


Designers will have to walk a fine line between helpful and intrusive, as they design what is meant to be hidden or disguised, with one eye on privacy concerns and the other focused intently on the human element of the product, always keeping key the wants and needs of the target user. 

Tips to Tap Into the Trend

  • Consider environmental factors that could impact or limit the design of your solution.
  • Develop not just for the user, but for the machine — what will it need to learn, and how will it know to adapt?
  • Invest in UX designers that can design in a holistic context, as they will be asked to create dynamic user experiences that will be more felt than seen, more anticipatory and proactive rather than reactive.

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