2018 Product Trend: Cool Colors

Posted by Pete, on January 11, 2018

Cool colors help achieve calming and minimal spaces. Whether paired with neutrals or a bold all-over color, blues, teals, and cool purples will create the tranquil interiors we desire.

What We Are Seeing

In the quest for calm, strong finishes and minimalist tendencies, we predict that products in laid-back cool tone shades, or cool with a touch of warmth, will reign. 

Paint company Behr seems to agree with us, predicting shades with names like “Casual Day” and “Soul Search” (shades of blue-green), and “Unplugged” (an olive) will be some of its top sellers in the coming year. Sherwin-Williams too agrees with its “Oceanside” (another blue-green hue) color of the year prediction. 

We predict neutral tones, playing into minimalist and classic trends, will also be big, pairing purposely with these cool tones for designs that hit all of the right notes. 


Products will attempt to match societal empathy and emotion with color, placing emphasis on bringing consumers out of states of chaos and into calm through cool and neutral tones that have a sense of coziness and simplistic elegance. 

Tips to Tap Into the Trend

  • Consider incorporating material types in cool tone shades with neutral accents. 
  • Stylize your products for emotional impact. Aim to enhance their mental state. 
  • Avoid too many flashy elements that could push consumers away, and simply pull your product into the noise. 

Give Your Product Competitive Advantage for the Times

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