2018 Product Trend: Consumers are Craving Calm

Posted by Pete, on January 11, 2018

More and more, we’re seeking to reject the crazy and hectic way of life we’ve felt pressured into keeping up, and, now, we have a growing desire for slow-paced and calm lifestyles.

The Shift Away from Feeling Overwhelmed

Has “I’m so busy” become a status symbol for our time? An article published in The Atlantic early this year made the argument, sharing that today there’s a perception that busy people are the most desirable workers, full of competence and ambition.

Accordingly, many began to book their calendars full of weekly obligations to keep up—work, commuting, eating, chores, volunteering and sleeping—leaving little, if any, time for pure relaxation.

But recent studies have shown that taking time for ourselves, particularly time spent in silence, can restore the nervous system, help sustain energy, and condition our minds to be more adaptive and responsive to increasingly complex environments at work and at home.

These, and other similar discoveries, paired with feelings of burnout, have many of the same individuals shifting away from such chaotic lives in favor of slowing down, getting introspective, and embracing more quiet and calm. 

Enter our few new favorite pastimes, borrowed from some of the happiest countries around the world: hygge (Danish for embracing all things cozy, homemade, and time well-spent with family and friends), SlowTV (recently released on Netflix, follows a 7-hour train ride through the Nordic countryside), and ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos that “massage the brain” with soft spoken words and calming background noises. 


Your audience is overwhelmed, overstimulated, and struggling to keep up. This means it’s more important than ever before to understand deeply what mindset your user might have when they’re interacting with your product, and what they want to be feeling when they are experiencing it. Is there a clash, or are these emotions aligned? Is your product taking its users out of the chaos, or deeper into it? 

Tips to Tap Into the Trend

  • Focus on the solution you are providing and aim to remove any negative emotional triggers.
  • Be sure your product isn’t adding more noise. Remove any unnecessary noises, or notifications, in the case of digital solutions. Aim for essential function and features only.
  • Don’t be so quick to assume you’ll lose your customer’s interest after a few seconds if your product isn’t full of stimuli to keep their attention. They might be looking for a solution that gives them less, not more.

Give Your Product Competitive Advantage for the Times

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