2018 Product Trend: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Impact Product Customization

Posted by Sara, on January 11, 2018

As machine learning technology advances to identify, categorize, and sort information, the possibilities are as endless as the data. AI provides companies the ability to make better, more informed decisions, and provides users with a custom and personalized experience. 

The Shifts We See

Artificial intelligence is currently a $15 billion industry, on track to become a $70 billion industry by the year 2020. 

With this in sight, almost every industry has an eye on AI, predicting how the technology could make its way into our businesses, homes, and entertainment. 

IBM’s Watson has now been used in multiple fields including medicine and sports analytics, Stanford’s ChexNet is helping doctors better detect pneumonia in patients, and HBO’s Westworld had us all wondering about the day when robots might consciously rebel. 

Through advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the hope is that we will be able to gain critical insights and make important predictions faster, and with increased accuracy, as well as leverage this technology into smart products that learn about the user with each interaction.


In a world where objects can learn and adapt based on user behavior, consumer expectations around personalization will be higher than ever before. Products that can be tailored to the individual or automatically adjusted in use will gain favor over those designed purely in attempt to fit the widest range of possible target users

Tips to Tap Into the Trend

  • Keep human factors, ergonomics, and user experience at the top of your product’s design priorities.
  • Consider how advanced algorithms could be leveraged to give specific information to specific users for a custom experience.
  • Consider how AI could be leveraged to expedite information gathering and better assist in decision making.
  • Consider ethical or unsavory dilemmas that could happen with an AI-integrated product and develop an action plan to combat each and every worst case scenario. 

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