I have a product idea. Who should I call?

Posted by Mike, on April 18, 2016

You’ve got it!

The idea for your company’s next great product. You know it’ll lead to big revenue spikes, as well as industry and national recognition. After all, this product is so needed!

Once you pitch it to your team, their excitement is significant. But, they have a big follow-up question: 

how do we make it happen?

From start to finish, your next step should be to hire a product development consultancy—preferably one that is full-service, combining design and engineering expertise seamlessly. Here’s why:

What is a Full-Service Product Development Consultancy?

A full-service product development consultancy is a team of people with the right combination of expertise to transform your big idea into a market-ready product—all working under one roof.

While some consultancies specialize in either design and engineering, full-service firms tap into each kind of expertise at every stage of the product development for products that are more thought-through.

From ideation to manufacturing and entering the market, full-service product teams know what needs to happen to get the job done right.

An impactful product development team may include product strategists, researchers, industrial designers, user experience designers and engineers.

3 Big Ways a Full-Service Product Development Consultancy Ensures Product Success

1. The Team Will Research to Make Sure Your Product is Right for the Market

Every great product begins, and is validated, with user research. Product development firms understand this, and so, it's where they begin each new project.

In-house or third party research is used to inform each design, feature and functionality decision. The team will refine the concept until what’s on paper is a product your target markets truly crave.

2. Design and Engineering Minds Will Collaborate on Key Considerations

When designers and engineers are kept apart during the product development process, you can always tell. Either you end up with product that functions well but doesn’t meet user needs and desires, and probably doesn't look as nice as it could, or a product that looks sleek, but may be functionally compromised or inefficient to manufacture.

Why does this happen? In short, because industrial designers and engineers see products through different lens. 

Engineers want to know "is this product working right? " While industrial designers want to know "will target audiences actually want to buy and enjoy using this product?"

Both have valuable perspective, but perspectives that work best when considered in tandem. It benefits you to get both teams working together early, and have these groups continue working together on your product until it is complete, to avoid missing parts and pieces of your product’s big picture. After all, throughout the entire product development process, the work these teams do and decisions they make individually will be interdependent on the other team’s set of needs.

In a full-service product development consultancy, collaborative innovation is more guaranteed. Designers and engineers are not siloed, rather they are hired to work side by side together from start to finish in the best interest of each and every product they make.

3. Product Developers Will Increase Your Product’s Speed to Market

Full-service product consultancies already know and love your product. After all, they helped you create it. They're invested, and want to see the product succeed as much as you do. Paired with their industry expertise and vast array of connections, who better to vet the manufacturing partners for you who will do the best work fast? 

You can trust that they will ask manufacturers the right questions from start to finish, and also keep a careful eye on product timelines once you’ve committed.

The best part? Because your product’s designers and engineers have been working together from the very beginning, every potential pitfall that could slow your product’s production down at this stage of the process has not only been considered, but mitigated.

Will You Hire a Full-Service Product Development Consultancy to Produce Your Next Innovation?

From the start, your product needs expertise in research, design, and engineering. One individual or type of professional won’t have all of the information your product needs to wow the market.

It deserves a team that keeps the product’s design, feature, functionality and manufacturability needs top of mind from ideation to market roll-out. Place your idea in the hands of a full-service product development consultancy, and see just how great your product could become.

What does your company look for in a product development firm? Share your needs and wants in the comment section below.

Image Source: Pavlina Jane via Flickr