Welcome to SmartShape’s Product Innovation Blog!

Posted by Mike, on January 1, 2016

At SmartShape, we are researchers, strategists and design innovators.

Through insightful research, our team discovers unique market opportunities for clients around the world, and creates products that are intuitive, accessible and just plain cool.

Are you ready for practical advice, stories, news and inspiration that could make your product development process simpler from concept to market?

Welcome to the SmartShape Design blog.

Here you’ll discover the latest design trends and innovations, along with helpful tips and key takeaways, as you research, strategize and conceptualize the next invention that will change the world.

We’ll bring the experts directly to your screen of choice, and help you start the right kind of conversations around modern day product development.

With each post, feel free to start a dialogue in the comment section below (we would love to hear your thoughts on our topics!), and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

We can’t wait to start talking, and look forward to future collaborations!

Mike Maczuzak, SmartShape Design (@SmartShapeCLE) President