Close to 30 Years of Excellence in Product Design and Development

SmartShape's story begins in 1989, when student and early career practitioner of industrial design Mike Maczuzak took a leap from working at a prominent design firm to starting his own. Led by Mike, and supported by a few trusted peers at the start, SmartShape Design became a place where passion for innovation and creating beautiful, intuitive and useful products led to consistently delivering client-loved solutions that generated additional bottom-line revenue and patentable intellectual property.

As SmartShape's reputation for innovative design has grown over the years, so has the breadth and scope of its expertise. In addition to highly creative industrial designers, the firm has grown to include business strategists, research specialists, UX specialists, program managers, engineers with advanced degrees, and experts in tooling and manufacturing. 

This has allowed SmartShape to pivot, and offer much more than core design services, now offering the full suite of end-to-end expertise needed to deliver market-ready product solutions and assist clients of all sizes — private equity portfolio brands, startups, Fortune 100 Internationals, and every company size in-between — through the entire manufacturing process.

SmartShape's global presence operates out of four office locations: its Cleveland, Ohio creative studio headquarters, a medical innovation showroom also located in Cleveland, Ohio, a second creative studio location in Boston, Massachusetts, and its prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing support office in Shenzen, China.

A constantly changing world keeps bringing unique opportunities to make a difference to the team at SmartShape. Whether it is developing electric vehicle charging stations, wearable health technologies, AR, VR, IoT-enabled technology, or the next big thing, the most exciting of all new opportunities is what tomorrow could bring for SmartShape, its clients and consumers.