September 14, 2015

SmartShape's Design Team Traveled to Seattle Last Month for IDSA Conference

Last month, Brian, Scott and Pete went out west, meeting fellow designers, educators, students and business leaders in Seattle for the IDSA International Conference.

From August 19 to August 22, our guys took part in discussing the future of design with industry friends and peers, all the while taking in the sights of an amazing city.

They sat in on talks covering a wide range of hot topics in the design world right now, including:

  • Design ethics and morality in a world of smart technology takeover.
  • How sensors and circuits impact our interaction with phones or alternative call technology.
  • What designers need to keep in mind for the end user related to the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Design and design thinking as key assets during development of corporate strategy, helping clients leverage tools that drive innovative efforts for increased prosperity and business longevity.
  • The history of design as we know it, in celebration of IDSA’s 50th year.

Outside of main conference sessions, they also toured some of the best local design shops (thanks again for opening your doors, Tactile, Artefact Group and Teague!), and left feeling both inspired and energized to continue producing really great design work back home.

With so much important discussion and fun packed into just a few days’ time, we already can’t wait until next year’s conference begins!