October 19, 2015

SmartShape President Mike Maczuzak to Talk Wearables at BioOhio Bioscience Conference

We live in an increasingly tech-connected world, powered by smart devices. These assets help us do everything from checking our email faster to keeping critical tabs on our health and wellness in real-time.

At SmartShape, we create smart devices that help you monitor some of life’s most important facts and figures, and we see wearables and connected technology as the future—they’ll be with us everywhere we go.

On Monday, October 26, SmartShape President Mike Maczuzak will join a panel of experts discussing the current success and future of wearables, specifically for healthcare, at BioOhio’s annual bioscience conference, held at The Global Center for Health Innovation.

Mike’s portion of the panel will cover two main areas:

  1. How wearables are currently being used mostly by millennials and tech-savvy consumers to monitor various health conditions.
  2. The need to develop tech-based health monitoring solutions that are able to be understood and used by elderly populations, an audience with a great need for these type of devices, but that historically lack the tech-savvy skillsets required to operate them.

He’ll discuss the big challenges and opportunities these dynamics create when it comes to creating healthcare wearables for today and tomorrow as he joins the stage with Blue Spark Technologies (the makers of TempTraq) President John Gannon and Pulmonary Apps Founder and CEO Kevin Trice, MD.

If you’re interested in the future of healthcare and technology, this is a conversation you will not want to miss.