September 14, 2015

SmartShape President Mike Maczuzak to Speak This Friday at Disrupted Healthcare Conference

More than ever before, disruptive technologies are revolutionizing how the healthcare industry and beyond conduct business.

From management of overhead to completion of even the smallest daily job tasks, it’s a critical time to re-envision how your business can leverage new technology-fueled assets to consolidate systems, and deliver more effective processes and greater value to the clientele you serve.

At SmartShape, we recognize this need for change, collaborating with businesses each day to develop products with meaning for each and every end user and business bottom line. Through our work, we’ve seen firsthand how disruptive technology can eliminate core customer pain points head on—which is what has us so excited to be a part of Disrupted. The Business of Healthcare.

At Disrupted, Mike will join other national, regional and local healthcare industry change activists and innovation ambassadors to share the latest in healthcare tech.

Mike will dive deep into how variances in end user height and weight, physical abilities and overall familiarity with technology can present design opportunities to create products that help your business provide improved services and touch more lives.

This one-day only conference happens this Friday, September 18 at the Global Center for Heath Innovation. You will not want to miss these critical conversations — learn more about Disrupted, including how to register, at