May 5, 2016

SmartShape Engineer Greg Weisberg Talks Additive Manufacturing at MAGNET, BioOhio's [M]EDNEXT

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Additive manufacturing methods and 3-D printing might seem like brand new, emerging concepts, but these techniques have been around for decades.

At SmartShape, we leverage additive manufacturing primarily in the development of models and prototypes for a wide vary of clients projects, including parts and pieces for retail cleaning tools and medical devices.

On May 4, SmartShape Engineer Greg Weisberg joined an all-star cast of additive experts, including MAGNET’s Ed Nolan and Dave Pierson, BioOhio’s John F. Lewis Jr., and Priority Designs Jamison Float to discuss the impact of additive manufacturing on product design and development.

His talk covered:

·      Three main areas additive manufacturing is used in product development.

·      The advantages of leveraging additive in manufacturing.

·      Questions, considerations, and regulatory needs designers and engineers should explore before their next additive-based project.

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