March 27, 2017

SmartShape Design Team Members to Speak in 3 Sessions at Advanced Design & Manufacturing Conference


SmartShape Design's team will be present in a big way at this week's Advanced Design & Manufacturing Conference, held at Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.

During the two-day comprehensive design and manufacturing event, SmartShape CEO Mike Maczuzak, Director of Engineering Mark Cartellone, Engineer Greg Weisberg and Designer Brian Milliff will all take the stage at some point to show off his expertise. 

SmartShape's series of talks begin Wednesday afternoon, with Mark, Greg and Brian's participation in the panel discussion, "Supplying to the Medical Component Market." In this medtech talk, attendees will learn fundamental elements of the medical device design and development process directly from SmartShape Design's team of expert engineers and industrial designers. In this session, SmartShape's team will lead a discussion that gives a simplified overview of comprehensive, end-to-end medical device design and development, including:

  • How to refine a medical device concept
  • Key considerations to explore user needs and critical points of ergonomics and human factors
  • Developing your device with manufacturing in mind

Thursday morning, SmartShape's talks continue with Mike's presentation on "The Future of Wearable Health Monitoring." In this solo session, Mike will share:

  • The current state of wearable health monitoring—where we're at, what works well, and what should be changed
  • The future of wearable health monitoring device design, and the future of wearable health monitoring data
  • What must be done to design for all demographics, with a focus on the issues and challenges elderly individuals commonly face trying to adopt wearable health monitoring solution

More interested in 3D printing than wearable tech? At the same time as Mike's talk, SmartShape Director of Engineering Mark Cartellone retakes the stage, along with representatives from Balance Inc. and Design Central, to discuss "New Technologies in 3D Printing for Medical Devices." The group will focus on identifying the role that 3D printing can play in current and future device development.

We hope to see you at a session! 

Planning to attend? Send us a tweet @SmartShapeCLE during the show featuring your favorite quote from any of these talks, or simply your reaction to the information shared!