June 9, 2017

SmartShape CEO Mike Maczuzak to Keynote Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio Conference


Friday, June 9, SmartShape CEO Mike Maczuzak will speak to students of macromolecular/polymer science and engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials science and engineering and more, sharing insights and perspective on the innovation process, at Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO) Conference

PiNO is a student-organized and student-run conference and career fair, started by graduate students in the Case Western Reserve University Macromolecular Science and Engineering Department, that attracts about 150 students from more than 20 universities in approximately 15 different fields of study. 

Mike's talk will give all attendees a method for approaching innovation, sharing his own unique perspective from decades in product development, along with background and history on some of the world's most well-known inventors.