March 13, 2017

SmartShape CEO Mike Maczuzak Participates in Innovative Technology Roundtable Discussion at SXSW 2017

SmartShape CEO Mike Maczuzak was honored to participate in a dynamic SXSW speakers-only round table discussion led by two Georgia Institute of Technology researchers: Professor of Computing and lead Google Glass technician Thad Starner, and Animal-Computer Interaction Lab and BrainLab director Melody Jackson.

Mike, Thad and Melody were three of an approximate 15-person open-forum discussion featuring leading researchers, scientists and medical doctors, all gathered together to talk about shared interest in the current landscape and future of wearable technology and environmental devices.

The group discussed possibilities based on some of Thad and Melody’s work, including:

  • Brain-computer interfaces, such as brain-controlled devices that allow a paralyzed individual to power his or her own wheelchair, or other direct brain interfaces that enable those with severe paralysis, like those suffering from locked-in syndrome, to communicate, become mobile (even play piano!), and seek rehabilitation. This terrific TEDxAtlanta talk shares more.
  • The FIDO Project — a wearable vest technology that enables communication between people, dogs and even dolphins: Fitted with The FIDO Project vest of sensor-based technology, service and other working dogs are able to improve response time and care in a variety of emergency situations. The technology can be used to help animals send text messages, call 911, or even activate pre-recorded messages, such as “My owner needs your help!” Learn more in this article or this video from CBS News.

The event concluded with a call-to-action posed to Mike by Thad, 

“As an industrial designer, I’d like for you to consider how you can take what we’ve discussed here today and apply it to new use cases. What new applications can you find for this kind of technology?”

Mike and the team at SmartShape look forward to discovering ways to apply lessons learned in this round table talk toward impactful innovation. Have a product concept that you think could be relevant? Let’s start a discussion.